Institute of Leather Engineering Technology

Institute of Leather Engineering and Technology

Institute of Leather Engineering Technology

‘Quality Education for the Development of Eco-friendly and sustainable Leather Sector.’ The Institute of Leather Engineering and Technology (ILET) is a major educational institution at hazaribagh, Dhaka, Bangladesh that provides education related to making leather, leather products and footwear. ILET is an institute of University of Dhaka where admission is given through the admission test of ‘A’ unit.

Principal of Institute:

  • To produce qualified and skilled manpower in the field of Leather Engineering Technology.
  • To provide quality education leading to Bachelor of Science(B.Sc), Master of Science (M.S), Master of Philosophy(M.Phil), Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D), and Diploma degrees in the leather engineering and technology and related field.
  • To initiate, organize and undertake research in the field of leather Engineering and Technology.
  • To provide in plant and industry oriented short and long term training programs on various fields of leather, footwear and leather product.
  • To provide quality control and laboratory facilities for testing raw materials to finished products.
  • To co-ordinate with leather based industries in product development and modernization of equipment.
  • To establish link-programs and research collaborations with various institutions/organizations within the country and abroad.
  • To organize seminars, conferences, workshops, exhibitions and other events related to the development leather sector.
  • To provide consultancy and advisory services to institutions, NGOs, private and public sector corporations, who seek such assistance.
  • To establish the institute as a centre of excellence for the betterment of leather sector.

Current Programme:

  • MS in Leather Engineering
  • Sc in Leather Engineering
  • Sc in Footwear Engineering
  • Sc in Leather Products Engineering


Testing Facilities:

Physical Testing Laboratory

Name of Equipments:

  • Tensile testing machine
  • Adhesion of finish Tester
  • Fibre board Flexing machine
  • Soling Abrasion Tester
  • Shoelace Abrasion Tester-Lace to Eyelet
  • Whole Shoe Flexing machine
  • Sole Adhesion Flexing machine
  • Sole Adhesion tester 8) Lastometer
  • Bally Flexometer
  • Rub fastness Tester
  • Shoelace Abrasion Tester –Lace to lace Method
  • Heat Resistance Tester
  • Circular Rub Fastness Tester
  • Water Vapour Permeability machine
  • Vamp Flexing machine
  • Slip Resistance tester
  • Water Resistance Tester for upper Leather (Master Type)
  • Impact Tester for Safety Footwear
  • Satra/Bata belt Flexing machine
  • Martindale Abrasion Tester

Chemical Testing Facilities:

  • Determination of Heavy metals
  • Determination of Fat content
  • Determination of Sulphated total Ash content
  • Determination of Chromic Oxide Content
  • Determination of pH of Leather and Leather products
  • Determination of Moisture Content of Leather

 Background of the Institute:

On 15 August 1947, just after the end of British rule, the Ministry of Industry approved the East Bengal training institute for the development of leather and leather production. Officially, the institute was found on 10 June 1949 and academic activities started from the year 1952 after provision of infrastructure. Later, the institute was renamed Pakistan Leather Technology.

To provide better academic and educational facilities, the institute was transferred to the Ministry of Education and placed under the administrative control of the technical education in 1967.

After liberation, the institute was recognized as the Bangladesh College of Leather Technology and was involved with diploma, certificate and artisan level education until 1979. The government introduced a graduate course in B.Sc. Engineering in Leather under the University of Dhaka with the 1979-1980 academic session.

The two new departments in the college viz. B.Sc in Leather Products Technology and B.Sc in Footwear Technology were introduced under a renovation project approved by the government of Bangladesh in 1997. Newly two departments have been commenced from the session of 1998-1999 along with Leather Technology.

After introducing the Faculty of Engineering and Technology at university, the institute renamed as ‘’Bangladesh College of Leather Engineering and Technology’’ by senate and syndicate and all three different departments are renamed as Leather Engineering, Footwear Engineering and Leather Products Engineering. After completion of project, due to shortage of manpower government had decided to hand over the college to the University of Dhaka with its all resource and manpower.

Finally, it is transferred and established as Institute of Leather Engineering and Technology(ILET) on 20 June 2011 by merger and integration of the erstwhile Bangladesh College of Leather Technology of the Directorate of Technical Education, the ministry of education, the government of Bangladesh with all its assets, funds, rights, interests, properties etc. and all its employees into a constituent Institution of the University on the basis of a resolution EM/Sec-15/7-2/2007/242, Dated 20 June 2011.

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